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Today’s post is going to be a very short one. I would call it “thinking out loud”.

I think I would agree that I have the “randommest” thoughts. It’s quite unimaginable.

A few weeks back, while on a journey somewhere I can’t remember, I thought “wanking is similar to abortion and therefore should be a sin”.

Here me out.

My reasoning being, Abortion is “killing” an “almost” baby. Sin. Wanking is “wasting” the “ingredient” to making a baby. Sin. No? Ok. Wastage is a sin. Yes? Voila!! Lol. I’m crazy I know but really think about it!

Picture this. To make Pancakes you need flour, milk, sugar and eggs. If you spill the mixture or burn it after it has been put in the oil, you have “killed” the pancake! Wastage is a sin! Many people don’t have the ingredients to make a pancake and would like to have some. Likewise many men have low sperm counts and would like to have some good sperm have babies!

Moral of this post? Stop Wanking!!! LMAO -_-

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Hello awesome people!! This is my 20th post!! yayyyy!

You are awesome because you take the time out of your busy schedules to read my blog!! I had about 400 views in just the first week of my blogging experience. And now? Let’s just say I am humbled! THANK YOU!!

I do have to apologise for my month long absence. It has been the most stressful and awesome one month.


Today’s topic is a bit disgusting to me. I apologise in advance.

Let me quickly say now that I am not homophobic as long as you do not come too close to me with your business. I am quite friendly with gay people. I have no personal problems with them. Moving on.

I recently read an article where someone stated something about knowing a married man who loves to suck dick. *screeches to a halt* I am not surprised about the married bit because I know it happens. My confusion is with the declaration that a man LOVES to suck on another man’s mandingo. I must tell you that as I write this I literally paused for 2 minutes to ponder.

Hear me out please.

I mean, I know or I suppose that the sexual act that goes on between two men would involve this. But you see, every time I imagine it (which is almost never) I simply just think of the actual anal sex. I might also imagine 2 grown ass men with hard bodies kissing passionately and I shudder but I have never actually imagined a blow job happening. LOL.

Please join me in trying to imagine the act abeg. Guy 1 sitting on a bed with guy 2 kneeling in front and sucking away with his eyes rolling in delight and mmmm’ing away. My goodness!! Let’s not include when Guy 1 releases sperm all over Guy 2’s face and he happily swallows. Oops I just said it. Like for real? This happens? I am about to pass out. That is just NASTY!!! Ewwwwww. Many of my friends know my stand on the act with the opposite sex. I find it disgusting when ladies do it to men, which I agree is acceptable and “normal”…. I will get there with my husband. LOL. But a guy on a fellow guy? Barf!

I know many straight guys who have admitted they will have sex with a guy for a million dollars as long as they are the ones screwing the other guy. Some, however, say they do not mind being screwed for the said amount. But one thing I am almost quite sure of is that they most likely also do not picture sucking a dick as part of the deal. I would like to believe that would be a deal breaker for them which is why I found it quite worrying to know that the act pleases some men naturally.

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Please we all need to say a prayer for people indulging in this act. I’m being serious. PLEASE PRAY!!

What are your thoughts on these?

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Hello guys!

It has been a great day today! I hope you all a great too!


I divert a little with this picture above which I saw on a friend’s blackberry messenger display picture sometime ago. If this is a real book out there then I think this would be of interests to the association of Mr Endowed’s out there or ladies suffering in silence with such deadly weapons.

Ok, moving on the post of the day. It is going to be a very short one and I would like your opinions!

I recently stumbled upon two pictures that got me thinking. We will look at them one after the other.



This picture above is meant to be new sex toys to enable men get the release they crave without straying. In essence, this could be seen as the only other “lady” your man is allowed to screw; kind of similar to vibrators for ladies.

Will a man EVER be satisfied with a mere doll? Men that cheat are more thrilled about the chase and the thought of not getting caught.

If these are in the market to stop men from cheating, I am not quite sure this solution will suffice. In fact, as far as I am concerned it is only a crazy/mentally disturbed man that will actually try this out. LOL. I am trying not to have any pictures or imaginations in my head!!!


padlock Photo Credit: Buzzfeed

This picture actually cracks me up when I think of a CRAZY woman actually doing this to her man while he sleeps and his reaction to it when he wakes up. Heee-LARRY-US

It’s really amazing how people come up with such inventions. I wish I was as smart!!

I don’t have much to say about this picture. I just have questions/thoughts in my head.

I mean, really, will you buy this for your man? Will any man ALIVE agree to this to please his woman? Why can’t some men just be faithful? Will men die if they have sex with only one woman their whole life?

Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm…. These are genuine questions by the way.

What are your thoughts on these?

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Hello Everyone! 😀

Today’s post is on Breasticles, Boobsssss!! Boobies!! Bobbie!! Balloon! Oranges! Tangerine, Mammary Glands etc.

The reason I decided to do a post on this is to genuinely know if size matters. So I would please like to hear your opinion at the end of this. What have you heard guys say etc.

boooobs Photo Credit: Shutterstock

As a representative of the A cup community I would like to think of this as very important. I always tell my mom she is the reason I have small breasts. Why? Because I remember when I was between 7 – 9 years old my mom noticed I had started developing breast and I kid you not, she went on her knees and prayed against it. No joke. She felt it would stunt my growth which is ironic seeing as both my parents are short and I am still stunted with small boobs!! Now, whenever I blame her, she will say “CeeJay haven’t you seen my pictures when I was your age? I didn’t start wearing a bra till I was 22. But now see as the tin dey greet my laps”. I honestly don’t think my boobs will get as big, well I hope it doesn’t. LOL. I want boobs that ain’t shy and always looking down but ones that always stares you right in the face!

Another reason I am writing this post is as a result of a popular YouTuber, Patricia Bright, who recently had a boob job. I have kind of followed Patricia’s progress mainly because she is Nigerian and I just liked what she was doing with herself. She seemed to be a proud and confident A cup society member which is why I was a little shocked (well not really) at her decision to go under the knife. It made me think of different things. “Was it the fame?” “Why would she? Did she really lack confidence? Etc. She seems happily married and her hubby also seemed like he loved her tiny oranges anyways. She looked really good and motivated a lot of people to doing things for themselves. Many people went in on her when she announced it on her instagram page, which she eventually deleted. She does have this new confident air around her with her new boobies and I am happy for her if she is happy to be honest. I really can’t blame her.

Being an A cup myself, I know the struggle we face daily. We tend to feel inadequate and worry if men would “want” us. We don’t feel confident undressing in front of our female friends not to talk of a guy! (Forbidden) Then we are basically struggling to find the best suitable padded bra’s that wouldn’t exactly give us away; one that would look “natural”. We also can’t wear certain types of clothes or we go spoil our markets with our cleavage-less chests. Oh my! The list is endless.

boobss Photo Credit: women-info

I remember while growing up I heard there was an insect some people put on their breasts that would bite round their nipple causing their breasts to grow. LOL. Even though I would like to have a B cup, I know there are certain things I will not do. I also definitely wouldn’t willingly go under the knife. I have heard of creams and many other things people claim to work. The funny thing is I have never enquired but I happen to hear these things from people who have big breasts. Or were they indirectly giving me ideas?? I definitely was oblivious to that. Hahaha.

However, I have done one or two things in the hopes of increasing my bust. As you all are aware about my recent obsession with all things natural, I researched on how to grow breasts naturally. I read about the breast massage which people admit to increasing one to two inches/cups. You are asked to massage both breasts for 15-20 minutes daily in a circular motion. Now, that is hard work. Try doing that for 5 minutes and you will give up that dream instantly. I think I tried for a week or so and I gave up. The second thing which I just started doing is taking fenugreek seed capsules. It is proven to have worked for many people in Asia, India etc and it has other health benefits. I started taking it for about 3-4weeks but stopped. I really am not very religious with routines and really can’t be bothered.

On the other hand, we have the double D’s, E and F cupped ladies. To be honest I do not fancy such breasts. No offense whatsoever, but I feel it must be heavy to carry such. And with the daily stress of life, having to add an extra load you cannot relieve yourself of must be something! I have friends with MASSIVE boobs and I always jokingly ask them to cut some for me. They always reply that they would gladly do so. Many tend to complain of back aches. That can’t be fun. Men would see it nicely packaged and would be salivating not knowing the struggle and pain she must be going through!

I recently saw an article on the Metro UK newspaper where a lady had her boobs enlarged. I did not bother reading the story. The picture did it for me. Please take a look and tell me what nonsense this is. If they were natural I would understand but I call it nonsense because she actually went to enlarge them.

boobs Photo Credit: Mirror UK


To the A cup ladies that can relate to this and feel a little embarrassed by their “situation”, know that you are not alone. You are perfectly alright. You do not need to feel bad about your breast size because it does not define or validate you as a woman. However, if you still feel odd about it, there are ways to possibly help you increase your bust naturally. I do not know if they work but you would find alot of people swearing it does. Here is a link i found. I hope it helps. http://topbeautybrands.com/foods-to-increase-breast-size/

I genuinely would like to know: Is the picture above what men really like/want? Does size really matter for guys? Do guys find pleasure with A-cup ladies? Please! Please, ask your guy friends and kindly let me knoweither in the comment section on email ceejsworld@gmail.com! This is important to me, remember? 🙂

To see more of her pictures http://www.mirror.co.uk/news/weird-news/beshine-worlds-biggest-fake-boobs-4971761

Thank you for taking your precious time to visit my blog! 🙂

Peace, Love and Sharwama!


Tu vas bien? (are you good)

I usually end my chats with a kiss (*bisous*) because it is an annoyingly compulsory greeting/farewell here which I hate. You “MUST” kiss people twice on the cheek. Very annoying. However, I love the actual act with someone i like. 😀 TMI

I thought about writing this post when I recalled a nasty experience and then remembered Toke Makinwa’s vlog on the topic a while back.

There was this guy I had been “talking to” who invited me out to go watch a movie a very long time ago. To cut the boring story short, we kissed after the movie. Let’s just say it was horrible and did not last long thankfully. Homeboy probably got his kissing game going good but I just could not notice that because he had chapped lips!

lips1 Photo Credit: Medhelp.org

LOL. Ok it wasn’t as bad as this picture but you get the gist. I was disappointed because that was my first kiss at 18!!! 😥 Yes, I was a late bloomer.

I know you might be thinking “haba, why are you complaining? Didn’t you see the lips before you agreed to j’ete”. In my defence, I did not see him clearly because it was dark in the cinema and I arrived late as I hurried there straight from work at night. I avoided him since that day and never told him why I became distant.

I do not know if it was as a result of that experience but since then I ALWAYS brush my lips while I brush my teeth. My lips are part of my daily oral hygiene and quite frankly I think my lips are my best asset as my ASS no set and the boobs na struggle we dey struggle. But yeah, the lip is very important in order for you to actually enjoy kissing. It needs to be moisturised for it to be kissable. :*

Another annoying thing is when a guy literally wants to swallow your mouth and suck out all the mucus from your nose! Na wetin? You can’t be that hungry. I have never experienced this but I have heard stories and actually watched Jim Iyke kiss like that in a movie. It was disgusting. There is no rush/force in kissing. The mouth is not tryna disappear if you don’t kiss sharp sharp and your mouth sure does not have to be wide open for the kiss to be effective. Just a slight opening and you work your to ………………….

I also don’t understand how people kiss random guys they just met in clubs or at the mall or wherever. I ain’t judging at all but I feel that you should feel some sort of chemistry before you kiss someone. I’m old school, sorry.  I personally see kissing as a very big deal. I think it is more intimate than sex. Call me crazy but exchanging a lot of saliva and happily doing it is actually a big deal. Think about it for a second. If your le boo spat in a cup, would you drink it? Did you say eewwww? So you can imagine exactly how I feel with kissing random people “just for the fun of it”. No thanks!

I don’t intend to talk long on this. Watch Toke’s video to give you a better descriptive technique to kissing. Enjoy! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OBCZ8wjD_9Q

Peace, Love and Sharwama!


The Vagina

Hello World!! How is your day going?

I thought about putting up a picture of a vagina but thought it would be too graphic and by the way, who has not seen a vagina? LOL. So we go right ahead!

I would like to believe everyone appreciates the vagina. Well, that’s where we all came from and as some will say, men kill themselves just to go back in there! Welp! I know nothing about that!! 😐

This post is almost specifically for the men because as far as I know, very many men are clueless when it comes to a woman’s body despite their many years of sexual intercourse.

The vagina plays an important role in the female sexuality and sexual pleasure.

The vagina is found inside the vulva. Inside the vulva, you also find the labia majora and minora aka outer and inner lips. These “lips” surrounds and protects the clitoris and the opening of the vagina.

Having said that, no female vulva is the same. This is where men get it wrong. Just like men having different shapes of penis, ladies also have different shapes and sizes of the labia majora, labia minora and the clitoris. This picture below should give you a good enough idea.

vagina Photo Credit: Pinterest

That being said, a lady with a big/dropping “lip” is perfectly normal. I recently read about a lady worried about her “oddly” looking lady bits. It is very wrong to make comments on a ladies vagina shape even If you think it is ugly.

You might want to click on this link to see real life pictures of the different ladies shapes and be educated. www.labialibrary.org.au/photo-gallery/


There has been quite some argument about the best way to wash/clean down there. Many are of the opinion that you need to use soaps or some female intimate wash products, but in fact, the vagina is said to be a self cleansing organ. Its own lubrication ensures that it stays clean and healthy.

Washing with feminine wash products can actually imbalance the natural ph of your vagina, thereby causing irritations and odour. You don’t need to use soap inside your vagina at all. Washing properly with water alone takes care of your lady bits perfectly. While we are at it, always wear clean pants also.

EXTRA: To get your vagina to taste better, drink a lot of cranberry and pine apple juice!! (I have absolutely no idea why anyone would want to taste your vagina though. Is there something in there that they are searching for? Aka’m a diro ya biko. Asi kwana na’m si.

A few facts about the awesomeness of the vagina!

  1. Naturally, it smells! But when it smells funky, you either have to start taking extra care or go see your doctor. A healthy vagina should not smell offensive.
  2. Apparently, your vagina can “fall out”. The condition is called “pelvic prolapsed”. Basically it can turn inside out just like a worn out socks and hang between your legs as you get older. The good news is that it can be fixed.
  3. Very many women DO NOT have an orgasm through penetrative sex. The Clitoris on the other hand is where the magic happens.
  4. Vaginal discharge varies. Some a lot, while others could be dry. As long as you are not itching, burning, you are fine and “normal”. If in doubt always see a doctor.
  5. A lot of ladies need help lubricating during sexual intercourse. Ladies, it is nothing to worry about! Men, it is normal! I know some guys that don’t understand this.
  6. Vaginal farts are also nothing to be ashamed about. This can happen during sex or other non sexual related activities. You are not alone!
  7. Yeast infections are not really infectious.
  8. In some medical literature, the clitoris is sometimes referred to as the female penis. The clitoris forms from the same tissues that become the glans and upper shaft of the penis. The Clitoris has hoods, while penises have shafts. No wonder the clitoris is the “magic” button.

To conclude, now that we have established the fact that all ladies differ down there, men need to ask their women HOW to please them. Do not think that your past dealings with Lady A would automatically work for Lady B. It most likely wouldn’t.

Many of the men I have spoken to always say they find pleasure in pleasing their women first. But in reality they do not actually communicate with the ladies. They think they are doing it right just because she moans and “spasms”. Trust me when I say it’s just an act.  The truth is there are many ladies out there who would never let you know you are shit.

Ladies, you need to speak up. Yes it might be uncomfortable at first but what’s the point of engaging in something you are not benefiting from? I understand that half bread is better than none, but you can definitely get the full loaf if you speak! In fairness to men, they are not mind readers.

Extra: To prove to you how wonderful the vagina is, a lady actually sang about it on a talent show. Check it out here! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e2bM_UVFRYQ

Please share this with all men you know and INSIST they read this particular post! J

*thinking out loud* – I once heard ladies with larger clitoris have a higher sex drive/always have an orgasm…… I am not sure how true this is.

God bless you all and thank you for taking your precious time to visit my blog! Please Share! 🙂

Peace, Love and Sharwama!

Team WTM

Hello beautiful people! Thank you, Thank you for visiting my blog!

Today’s post is about WAITING TILL MARRIAGE!! Yes!! Lol, Why do I sound excited? *rolls eyes*

578ac491a24e8408c655bd5c9e22970a Picture Credit: Pinterest

Ok just so we are clear, this post is neither to glorify virgins nor to look down on non-virgins. Nope. Far from it.

Many people have different reasons why they want to wait till marriage to have sex. Some can be due to religious beliefs, while others could be personal.

Sometime last year, I made this conscious decision to be Team WTM mainly for personal reasons and GOD (nothing to do with religion)…. BREATHE EASY!!

Anyone can decide to be Team WTM. Both PRIMARY VIRGINS aka virgins till date and SECONDARY VIRGINS aka Ladies that have previously engaged in pre-marital sex and have now decided to be celibate till marriage!

Let’s make some things clear.

  1. Being a virgin does not guarantee a successful marriage. It takes only a second in your married life to break that hymen. After that, what next? Who are you outside your virginity world? While keeping yourself for your future “le husband”, work on yourself and ask God to help you grow to be a better person and also grant you wisdom to be able to handle problems that inherently occur in marriages.

I read about a lady that married as a virgin lamenting after her 5 years marriage ended saying “what else did he want? I gave him my body, children etc” This is where you get it wrong! Many Nigerians equate being a virgin to being a good/virtuous woman.

  1. Being a virgin is not a trophy worthy thing. Staying away from fornication is ONE of the many things God asks us to do. Galatians 5: 19-21 says “Now the works of the flesh are manifest, which are these; Adultery, fornication, uncleanness, lasciviousness,Idolatry, witchcraft, hatred, variance, emulations, wrath, strife, seditions, heresies, Envying, murders, drunkenness, revellings, and such like: of the which I tell you before, as I have also told you in time past, that they which do such things shall not inherit the kingdom of God”.  So if you are a virgin but do any of these other things, honey God isn’t happy!! Lying, jealousy, unforgiving spirit etc should be included.

join-wtmorg-sidebar Photo Credit: waitingtillmarriage

If you have decided to go through this celibacy journey, I would like to inform you that it would not be easy but with the Grace of God it is possible! Here are a few ways to help you with your decision especially if you are in a relationship:

  1. Set boundaries – with how and when you both meet up. You can decide to see before a particular time, for example setting 8pm as the time boundary. You can also decide to only meet up in open places like restaurants, parks, etc and if you want to visit each other’s homes, make sure someone else is around. This will help una try hold body small. Boundaries can also be set on your make out sessions. You can both agree to not let your hands roam. Leave that to MTN and other networks you can roam with. No boobie touching and no hands trying to locate Jerusalem. Your body is not a map after all. What is he/she “finding”?
  2. Build yourself – by keeping busy. You might want to enrol in a gym, start some sports, and engage in activities that empower you. Just keep yourself and your mind busy. You would realise that this would turn out to have a positive impact on the way your partner sees you as he/she would be proud of you.

There are very many ways to help you on this journey. You might find yourself slipping, it is “normal”. You are human. With dedication and with the help of God you will pull through!!

To find out more you might want to check out this website: http://waitingtillmarriage.org/

If you have had sex before and would like to be Team WTM, it is possible! You first of all need to know why you would want to go through this path and then ask God for forgiveness. He always forgives. He is a merciful God. 2nd Corinthians 12 vs 21 says “And lest, when I come again, my God will humble me among you, and that I shall bewail (mourn) many which have sinned already, and have not repented of the uncleanness and fornication and lasciviousness which they have committed”. In other words, you need to repent and ask for forgiveness and He will listen.

1st Thessalonians 4: 3-4: “It is God’s will that you should be sanctified: that you should avoid sexual immorality; that each of you should learn to control your own body in a way that is holy and honorable”

Regardless of your sexual status, God cares more about your heart. Matthew 5:8 says “Blessed are the pure in heart for they shall see God”.

Disclaimer: Team WTM are not “better” than Team Not WTM! It’s a free world. Our salvation is between us and God.

God bless you all and thank you for taking your precious time to visit my blog! Please Share! 🙂

Peace, Love and Sharwama!


Hey guys!

It is another beautiful day with a very interesting post!

vaginismusintercourse Photo Credit: Moondragon

What is “Vaginismus”?

According to vaginismus.com, it is a “condition where there is an involuntary tightness of the vagina through attempted intercourse. The tightness is actually caused by involuntary contractions of the pelvic floor muscles surrounding the vagina. The woman does not directly control or ‘will’ the tightness to occur; it is an involuntary pelvic response. She may not even have any awareness that the muscle response is causing the tightness or penetration problem. In some cases vaginismus tightness may begin to cause burning, pain, or stinging during intercourse. In other cases, penetration may be difficult or completely impossible. Vaginismus is the main cause of unconsummated relationships. The tightness can be so restrictive that the opening to the vagina is ‘closed off’ altogether and the man is unable to insert his penis. The pain of vaginismus ends when the sexual attempt stops, and usually intercourse must be halted due to pain or discomfort.”

Now here’s my thing.

Very many men are unaware of this condition. We can’t exactly blame them seeing as very very many women do not also know about this.

This is a very unfortunate thing that can happen on a wedding night!

Vaginism-couple-problems Photo Credit: women-info

I came to know about this condition earlier this year watching a TV program in the UK. It was about a virgin muslim asian girl or so who got married but couldn’t consummate the marriage because of this. After several trips to the hospital, it took them almost a year or more before her husband was “successful”.

What I do not understand is how this usually happens to virgins that have “saved” themselves till marriage. Why does it not happen to ladies that choose to engage in pre-marital sex? I mean, for those that kept their virginity for religious reasons and teachings about purity, I kind of see vaginismus as another trial/tribulation. LOL. It’s not funny, I know! But one would think that after obeying God and keeping your purity, your wedding night would be “smooth sailing”.

On the other hand, I can conclude that it must be a psychological issue. I read on one Christian blog where a Christian lady in America who grew up living her life pure according to her church’s teachings talked about how it is sad that churches sort of make young girls believe sex is a dirty act but go ahead to encourage marriage and yet they almost never discuss sex in a marriage to intending couples.

Therefore, ladies having that subconscious mentality of being pure according to their religion in a way still have it in their heads and carry it into their marriages still thinking that sex is dirty. Besides, an average lady who has engaged in premarital sex usually feels some sort of shyness when they initially start having sex/getting undressed in front of a man. What more a lady that has been “pure” and kind of sees her boo as a church/Christian brother? She would almost automatically involuntarily “lock up” thereby disallowing any sort of penetration.

In the Nigerian scene of recent, I have been reading articles and comments on ladies that suffered this condition. It usually takes couples a while before they finally have sex. Many complained about how it ruined their honeymoons. I read about a lady that said she has not been able to consummate her marriage in about 5 years and still counting! Above all these, they usually all applaud their husbands for being very supportive and understanding. We all know not a lot of men will “understand”. In fact, many will leave their wives because “mummy said so”.


Apparently, Vaginismus will not “go away” unless it is properly addressed. It requires treatment to break the “cycle of pain” and be fully resolved. According to vaginismus.com, Vaginismus is considered one of the most successfully treatable female sexual disorders. Many studies have shown treatment success rates approaching nearly 100%. Treatment resolution follows a manageable, step-by-step process. For further information about the treatments, please click on the following link! https://www.vaginismus.com/vaginismus-treatment

I really do not wish this on anyone and I feel people should be aware of this and many conditions ladies (and men) go through! Please spread the word to families and friends as we never know who is going through this and can benefit from it.

Until next time I remain your very humble blogger!

Thank you for taking your precious time to visit my blog! Please Share! 🙂

Peace, Love and Sharwama!

My favourite Songs.

Howdy y’all!

Power-of-music-wallpaper Photo Credit: Quotesideas

Music is everything!! I can be having a really bad day but once I start my playlist I am instantly ok. INSTANT CURE!! Some of you know I like dancing. Once I start to record my dance videos I totally zone out from this world and when I get back to reality and remember I was sad, I wonder why and brush it off!

music-music-35192917-500-500 Photo Credit: fanpop

This is going to be a short post on 10 Nigerian and International songs I love! In no particular order;

  1. Oritsefemi’s DOUBLE WAHALA – This song!! My instant High! You know a song you feel is epic/dope?? This is it for me. I think Fela would be very proud! I am sooo feeling this song right now! I can’t sit still once it’s playing. It’s totally IMPOSSIBLE! I know I’m late on this!
  1. Westlife’s FLYING WITHOUT WINGS – I am a HOPELESS ROMANTIC it’s almost disgusting! Hahaha. The lyrics just touch my soul I can’t describe it. My fave line is “…well for me it’s waking up beside you, to watch the sunrise on your face, to know that I can say I love you, in any given time or place…” *sigh*
  1. Mariah Carey’s ALL I WANT FOR CHRISTMAS – My romantic self again. Christmas is never complete in the UK if they do not play this song! It gets me all excited!!
  1. Dr Sid & Tiwa Savage’s cover of BENEATH YOUR BEAUTIFUL – I can almost say I have never heard the original version. I mean I have, but I fell in love with this cover before I heard the original.
  1. Boyz II men’s COLOR OF LOVE – Let’s just say I have been in love with this song since forever! If I am allowed, this would be the song I walk down the Aisle to instead of the boring “here comes the bride”. (Before na elephant dey come?)
  1. Dolly Parton & James Ingram’s THE DAY I FALL IN LOVE – One of my favourite oldies! My sister made me love this song! I think she is obsessed with Dolly Parton. I also happen to love James too! Lovely collabo!
  1. Phyno!! PARCEL – LOL. This song just bursts my brain even though I barely hear/understand what he is saying! My fave line “Nwa di tick ngwa call her Minaj, she too like it oya shake your behind eh. Baby juo down…nwayo, Shake ife a, Shake ife a, Shake ya ofuma.” Lool. I like d way he sounded perverted. Hahaha
  1. Demarco’s I LOVE MY LIFE! – The Lyrics! The Lyrics! The Lyrics! “Never make nobody get the best of you…tell yourself you no go make dem pressure you and live life to the fullest… dont be greedy, set a pace in your life and achieve it… Me love my life until it left me, me a gwan keep happy and pray to father GOD say old age catch me, I pray Father bless me, guide and protect me, for every wrong move me make ina the streets correct me!….I LOVE MY LIFE!” Nuff said!
  1. Kelly Rowlands MOTIVATION!! – This song brings out the naughtiness in me! Chai. I will definitely “perform” a dance for my hubby to this song! Oh la la! Dear Future Hubby you are one lucky muthersucker!
  1. TuFace RAINBOW – First of all let me just say Tuface is MY Legend! He is the ONLY Nigerian celebrity that if I ever meet I would be star struck and possibly cry! YES!! That is how much I love him. This song is just too dope. I felt for the side chicks he dissed… “all them other girls them are bloody knock offs” chai. I will be pained if I were one. LOL

EXTRA: I LOVE LOVE LOVE FLAVOUR’S FIRST TWO ALBUMS. I fear for my life in Nigeria while driving because when listening to his songs I’m literally high and it’s like I’m in my own club and the effect is over speeding and dancing while at it. God help me.

That’s it people. Truly I have very many more faves! I will just leave it at this. If you know any lovely mushy romantic songs, holla at me either in the comment box or in my email! And if you want some too I would be glad to bless you with them! Hahaha

p.s: Pardon me if I didn’t get some lyrics right!

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Peace, Love and Sharwama!

Giving and Helping People.

Hey you! Yes YOU! How are you? It’s a new month! This year is flying by sooo fast!

give 3 Photo Credit: antiochorlando

A song comes to mind “Give and it shall come back to you, good measures……” I no know d rest. I dey always chew mouth for that side. But yeah!! You get where I am going with this.

Giving!! I am more of a giver than a receiver. I don’t know about you but it feels really good to give. Hold on! I know some might be thinking “ehn it is not always that I will be giving o”. Actually I have found myself thinking same. When I have a really nice thing and someone asks me for it, I don’t shy away from saying no. They can say “CeeJay, this thing is fine o”. I’d reply “I know, that’s why I bought it”. But this does not erase the fact that I am a giver. I can almost confidently say I never lack. Not because my folks are rich. Far from it. But because HONESTLY God knows and sees my heart and He will not let me lack.

give 1 Photo Credit: lorensworld

For a few years now I have been known to give. Giving doesn’t necessarily mean money, clothes, and material things. No. It could even be as little as giving yourself (I don’t mean what you are thinking) to people, giving your time and simply put, HELPING PEOPLE. But it only recently hit me that the reason I never lack is because I give, give, give, help, help, help to a point where it is overwhelming for me but I do not complain.

I thank God daily for my life. Even when I am “suffering”, I never let that get to me. I always say to myself “people have it worse than you”. I remember sometime last year when I visited the UK, I saw an SOS post to help someone. I do not know where these people are from but I emptied my account and donated to them. You might be thinking it must not have been much for you to give all your money out but I will tell you that I did that because God is always good to me. I was left with not even a penny to buy sweet/candy if I felt like but I cared not. No one around me knew what I had done because I would laugh and play with you like nothing just happened! (I am just talking about it for the first time). This wasn’t the first time that I have donated anonymously to people I do not know and this wouldn’t be the last. When you give, you receive in multiple folds.

Sometimes I might be travelling and dragging my box in the underground train station climbing staircases and I feel really exhausted. Out of nowhere I will receive help. Some of you might think and say “but that happens normally” but I smile and honestly thank God silently because I am certain that was Him!

Last year I travelled to a city in France, missed my train back and had to leave the next day. I was gutted! The next morning, I got in line to speak to a staff to either explain my case or buy a new ticket. The new single ticket was almost the price I paid for a return ticket. I remember saying to myself I wouldn’t want to be the next on the Male staff counter because he wasn’t looking very happy that morning. LOL. But I said a silent “God please take control”. I ended up going to the man’s counter and I explained to him. He replied immediately “You have to buy a new ticket”. I explained to him what happened and he still looked adamant. He was visibly struggling. He shrugged and shook his head signalling not possible, and then he picked up his pen to write, he stopped again and mumbled something. This went on for a little while then he finally wrote on my ticket explaining to the controller on the train when I would be checked not to charge me extra. All I can say is THAT WAS GOD! And I strongly believe it is my act of giving and helping people that allows me receive such favours from people.

Another incident happened recently when I came back from the Christmas holiday. I had spent a lot in the UK but in my head I thought I still had enough to pay my rent and my monthly phone bill. I had planned to go out the next day to sort the phone bill first and then pay my rent in the evening. The owner of the store where I usually pay at, in my opinion, is a very lazy man. He opens late and during lunch closes for hours! This “laziness” turned out to be in my favour that day because by almost 11am the store was closed. This was quite unusual and it prevented me from sorting out my phone. I went to my bank and got a shock. Let’s just say had that store been open, I would have had issues with my landlord. As far as I am concerned, God was at work.

I have sooo many stories like that. I can’t also begin to talk about all those I have helped financially and non-financially because no be today I go finish. I watch videos on YouTube where people help unsuspecting strangers who are very appreciative of such kindness. The smiles and joys in the eyes of the givers are priceless!

give 2 Photo Credit: uniontabernacle

This post is not to brag or sound better than others. Nope. It is simply to let you know there is true joy and reward in giving. My big cousin once told me that when you give you receive. This is not far from the truth! What you receive back could be seen as “little” but they are HUGE to me. You really do feel fulfilled when you give. I’m sure some of you can relate to this. The feeling is indescribable!

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Peace, Love and Sharwama!